August 6th

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June 30th


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June 30th


Now we know what Dante was talking about with all that "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" -stuff



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June 30th

It is the 26th of may. It is raining. I decide to pour myself a cup of joe and listen to some From Hell and reminesce a little for your, the readers, demusement.
As most of the songs are almost a decade old (allthough they've been trough many metamorphoses and kept changing all the way trough to the final mixing phase), it's pretty weird listening to them now.
The songs came to existence by picking up a guitar and improvising a shit-ton, duh.. Is there any other way..? When a good riff came to and started taking shape I would then write it down or record it and then try to come up with a matching part to go with it. Just what came naturally.
So once I had the riffs of any given song down we would just jam with Niko and see how it felt. And if Niko came up with some unorthodox rhythm, I would change my playing to his, and this way we, little by little, riff by riff, chiseled down the raw material into something that felt right to us. And once that was done, we demoed the song.
And everytime we recorded - it changed again. For example if I had a guitar part to a verse, and it sounded like it didn't have any balls, we would add another guitar on top of it. But then it maybe started to sound a little too "complicated" or just plain wrong, we would then perhaps take out the original part and so on and so on.
There were some songs that sounded pretty finished right from the start and little had to be changed. I had figured out the guitar parts in advance so there was little improvisation and arranging to be done in the "studio". They may have sounded a little bare before the vocals, but once they were in - the songs were elevated to a new level (™ p.anselmo).

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Into colder Halls and Drain to nowhere are the freshest of the bunch and the only ones written while Same O's been handling the vocals. And that can maybe be heard in the songs.
Though lyrics came after the music, there was still some though put into what would be good lenght for this part or that part - or - this or that part is instrumental - as opposed to what I was used to do, which was writing every song as instrumental first: composing two guitars which kind of interweave and wrap around Nikos drumming (and vice versa) and worrying about the lyrics/vocals somehere in the future.

The next litter of songs are maybe also more in this vein. More space for vocals and more room for the bass guitar to work with. in this album the bass wasn't put much though into. I just basically played in what the rhythm guitar was doing.

10,000 days is one of maybe ten song that saw life duriing a relatively short period of time in 2009 when Heikki Tauru was playing 2nd guitar. Thanks to him for his time with us. The songs would be quite different if I hadn't had to write parts for two guitars back then.

Omegaman is off the same bunch. It was working-titled "Megamän" because when we deoed it the beginning riff was run through so many effects it started sounding like 8-bit beeping.

Whore is 2009 also. And it's one of the songs that required the most work, both writing and arranging. At one point it seemed just impossible to get it to work. A lot of imagination juice had to be ingested I imagine - it's all a blur.

Southbound eyes is a bit older song - maybe 2005 or 2006. With vocals it finally began to make sense. Before that it was just some good riffs and a few good ideas, but eventually just that - a few good riffs. It needed vocals to come together.

One left in the chamber and The house that jack destroyed (originally dubbed 0805 and dudidudidudi) were too part of the 2009-written songs. "House" had that interlude part (after the solo at the 3 minute mark) put in during recording and "One left" had the guitar part thats playing through the verses changed at the last minute (the original riff can be heard on approx 00:40-00:49), but otherwise the songs are pretty much the same as they were back then.

Early bird was originally a blackmetallish song. Who would have though it would become the ballad of the bunch with some reggae thrown in (haters gonna hate).

From hell was originally titled "delusions of grandeur" or just "dog" (we're working on "cat" now by the way) and it's the oldest of these songs and one of the first songs we wrote in general. We demoed it the first time in maybe 2004 and miraculously it hasn't changed that much from the time two just-out-of-highschool kids were playing it in a garage. Some parts have had some flavour added to them, but the structure is still the same.

That's all that came to mind. Maybe dementia is not out of the question for me. Who am I?..?

Oh, right. S. Anttonen



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