August 6th

Uploaded the article published in Hämeen Sanomat on 6th of August.
Also a link to a review by Metalliluola was added.


Full lenght debut album out now!

June 30th


You can either stream it on bandcamp 'til the cows come home or you can be a real Man/Woman and depart from a measly 10 euros (+ shipping) and buy the compact disc straight from us here.


Site launched into the void of internet.

June 30th


Now we know what Dante was talking about with all that "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" -stuff



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'Bout the lyrics on From Hell

June 30th

Here's a few words from Same O himself
on the making (the lyrics) of the album:

Never has it taken me so much time 
to complete all the lyrics and vocal arrangements
on a single album than it took with " From Hell".
It was quite a challenging task, but in the end I'm very
pleased with the result. Most of the songs go without
an actual chorus part in them, so from the beginning
my main goal was to create one using the means
of lyrics/vocals. I really hope you guys like of what
Night Of The Following is delivering.
More will follow so stay tuned!

I. Into Colder Halls
My view on being a slave
for someone else and of an attemp
to make things a wee bit better.
Samu also added a little flavour.
One of the first songs recorded 
with me on vocals. 
Where has Bruce Willis gone?
Into Colder Halls!

 II. 10, 000 Days
Why do most of them (you know who)
die at the age of 27?
My own pondering on the matter.
That's all. A big respect.
One of the easiest songs for me.
The chorus came while improvising
on one recording session.
Hail to the kings and queens 
of rock n' roll!

III. Omega Man
This guy could be just one of us.
He's constantly been let down 
by everyone he's ever count on.
And a bit of myself at the end...
If God is real...
Unfortunately most of this is based 
on my personal experiences in life.
Thank you Africa, The Beatles, 
The Bible, my friends and even
all the backstabbing assholes.

IV. Whore
I rarely go on political matters
but on this one it's nothing but...
Forgive me, Suomi-neito.
Politicians suck. 
The cheap wine made me do it.
Das ist mein land.
It took a while to get the vocals right.
Can be a bitchy song to perform live.

V. Southbound Eyes
There was a time in my life when I saw
nothing but a red light in my eyes.
I wrote the lyrics about it.
A fine tune!

VI. Drain To Nowhere
One of the first...
It's like none of us ever
had a drinking problem.
Well, that's what this one is all about.
It's a miracle I'm still standing.
Samu had a few lines to share
on the matter as well.

VII. One Left In The Chamber
When running low on ammo,
better use it wise.
One of the most straight forward
kind of songs on the album.

VIII. The House That Jack Destroyed
All work and no play... 
The bitchiest one for me.
I remember writing three or four
different versions on this.
Adventually the lyrics started
to fall in to place.
One of my personal favourites.

IX. Early Bird
A nice tune with a tint of "reggae" in it.
We decided to use the demo version's
vocals on this one since they had more
of the needed aggression. 
It's a bloody murder.

X. From Hell
This one pretty much sums up the album.
One of the best songs I've heard
without an actual chorus in it. 
Abandon all hope!