August 6th

Uploaded the article published in Hämeen Sanomat on 6th of August.
Also a link to a review by Metalliluola was added.


Full lenght debut album out now!

June 30th


You can either stream it on bandcamp 'til the cows come home or you can be a real Man/Woman and depart from a measly 10 euros (+ shipping) and buy the compact disc straight from us here.


Site launched into the void of internet.

June 30th


Now we know what Dante was talking about with all that "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" -stuff



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Upcoming gigs


Zebtember 45th




How to order


1. Be sure you have an address in Suomi, Finland. If not, order here.

2. Order

3.  Pay

4. Sit down and wait for the postman to ring twice.


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from hell
from hell
zebra t-shirt coming soon
zebra t-shirt coming soon
a hug
a hug
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