August 6th

Uploaded the article published in Hämeen Sanomat on 6th of August.
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Full lenght debut album out now!

June 30th


You can either stream it on bandcamp 'til the cows come home or you can be a real Man/Woman and depart from a measly 10 euros (+ shipping) and buy the compact disc straight from us here.


Site launched into the void of internet.

June 30th


Now we know what Dante was talking about with all that "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" -stuff



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Zebtember 45th







Once upon time

Night of the Following Day first dawned in Hämeenlinna, Finland in the early 00's though for the first years it was basically just Samuel and Niko jamming in the garage, composing songs and recording the occasional demotape. 
In 2005 a demo titled: " Maasta löydetty laulu " was released with Samuel on guitar & vocals and Niko on drums. Somewhat unhappy with this experiment the guys decided to look for a new vocalist and a bass player in order to establish a solid line-up for the band.
Easier said than done.


Third man down

In 2008 Samuel began playing guitar in other bands as well and that's when he met Sami, a guy whom he knew had been singing in some local bands, and suggested him to join and come sing in NOTFD. Sami, after hearing a couple of demo songs, promised to look in to it, but it wasn't until 2010 the first few demo songs were recorded with this new line-up. 
Although the band's music finally started to sound like the Night Of The Following Day we know today, there was still some issues. It seemed that there was no available bass player to be found.
Nevertheless the guys still kept on rehearsing, recording songs and soon realised that there would be enough songs for a full lenght album. Trusting on the good old method of DIY they rolled up their sleeves and slowly but surely the work began.
During that time everyone in the band had many other projects going on and things progressed rather slow and the numerous technical issues didn't make it any easier.
Finally in 2016 they managed to overcome all the difficulties and recorded the final version of their debut album, "From Hell ".


To infinity and beyond


A while later they received an e-mail saying:

" Hi, I got bass. When do I start? /Lucas ".

And thus, after a few try-out sessions, it became quite obvious that NOTFD had finally found their bass player.

The band spent the late 2016 and early 2017 mixing the album and rehearsing on regular basis (which in this case means once a month).

On the 30th of June in 2017 Night Of The Following Day released their self-financed debut album " From Hell ".
From now on the band is planning to pick up the pace (at least release-wise) and is currently working on a single, temporarely titled as " Red Riding Hood ".


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